The Forestata Experience

Beautiful flowers

Forestata Village is considered to be a small hidden gem, located on the top of a green hill, outside the city of Lixouri, and like so providing a beautiful panoramic view of one of the best parts of Kefalonia.

Besides accommodating guests and friends, this field is still operating as a family’s farm, within an area of 200 acres and its name is a combination of the Kefalonian traditional villages name-ending “-ata” and the old family’s name Foresti.

Breakfast served in the large outdoor space

Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the local villagers’ way of life and the unique Kefalonian countryside. Tradition is something you could see, smell, taste, or even hear. The decor in every room and the rest of the building is kept the same for many years, depicting the peace and simplicity of older village times.

But as a proper farm, Forestata Village has also its own vegetables, fruits, olive oil, and wine, for you to discover the real taste of Kefalonia.

The restaurant can offer you for dinner a variety of local cuisine choices and recipes that were given from one generation to the next, or some of the best marmalades and coffee for your delicious continental breakfast. Everything, of course, is homemade, using the farmland’s seasonal biological products!

Relaxing in nature

To emerge even more inside the authentic village experience, you can always use the tools that nature provides all around the complex. You can choose to do some yoga, go hiking in the specially designed scenic paths that you can find there, or relax and enjoy the summer breeze under a tree's shadow.

There are lots of picturesque villages to explore and some of the most breathtaking views, where the green of the mountains blends harmonically with the blue of the crystal clear Kefalonian sea and other amazing nature’s colours. Worth mentioning also the much-discussed sunsets from this accommodation’s unique elevated location, which are spectacular and you can gaze together with your favorite cocktail in the evening.

Beautiful flowers

But obviously, if you are coming to Kefalonia you should visit without any hesitation its majestic beaches. Forestata Village is an apartment complex with a unique location that can help a lot your exploration. And this is because it is strategically placed almost in the middle of any distance for all the beaches and villages of the west part of the island.

Additionally, you should keep in mind that pets can stay for free in this complex, so you can share your special moments with your entire family! Because wet nose means warm heart!

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Even your special day can be celebrated at Forestata Village! And if you dream your wedding (or any other special day) in a unique location in Kefalonia, full of green colours and peaceful sounds of nature, then this is the right place to realise it.

Wedding planners, photographers, and all the staff of the complex will make their best effort to turn your big day into an unforgettable experience to cherish for years to come. All it takes for you to say is “I do”!

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Come to Forestata Village and discover the local traditional culture
through an authentic and warm Greek hospitality!

Don’t hesitate, it's time to book your next vacation
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